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Maximize your company’s asset management with the help of QRs and allowing end-user to scan the QR code to report the issue. Our state-of-the-art software, providing you with real-time visibility and control to streamline operations and drive growth.

Define your workflows and process for managing your assets using SkyArcs FMS. With state-of-the-art architecture, you will have full control to all aspects of your business entities. Utilizing QR codes your end-users could report any issue on your site with ease.


Generating QR codes

Generating QR codes for every asset and zone to allow public users or technicians to retrieve the information about that zones or asset by scanning the attached QR code.

• Allowing creation of customized template including static text, images, and company specific fields.


  • Defining extra properties for different entity types (Asset, Issue, Work Order, Contractor, User, Group)
  • Defining company specific Asset and Workorder statuses.
  • Defining references to allow lookup custom fields.

Client page

  • Simplified client web app allowing reporting issues and attaching pictures, supporting different languages.


  • Allow defining unlimited nested levels of Zones (e.g., Region, Country, State, Suburb, Site, building, floor, room, …)
  • Supporting unlimited levels of categories for assets.
  • Issues matrix associating different types of issues to asset categories.

Workflows and processes

  • Schedule workflows robustly to run at future dates and times.
  • Trigger workflows based on system events. For instance, change the status of asset.
  • Integrate existing applications across organization using APIs and connectors. Over 200 connectors to systems such as Dynamics CRM, ServiceNow, Salesforce, SAP, etc.
  • Segregate users and administration into separate security domains
  • Connect to a wide variety of services for exchanging data and states using standard protocols
  • Get notification on Assets and Work order status changes
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